What is Inclusion? Why Inclusion? Inclusion: International & National Context
About IISB

IISB is a voluntary, non-profit non-government organization registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Government of Bangladesh. Though IISB was registered in 1994, it started its active activities with a shift of its philosophy towards promoting inclusion of people with special needs in development activities since 2006.

Vision of IISB: "To ensure barrier free equal human rights based society for all".

Mission of IISB: "To promote inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable people; especially people with special needs in different development activities; such as in education, health, employment and above all ensuring equity in all rights-based services".

Following the registration rules of the Ministry of Social Welfare, IISB is governed by a General Committee and an Executive Committee.

IISB is enriched with the highest level of experts from the faculty members of different national and international universities, researchers, social workers, experts in education, people from different professions (i.e. doctors, lawyers), experienced special educators, parents of people with disabilities, and also have members who have special needs. Condensing the efforts of all these people, IISB is dreaming for a Better World for all.